Alpine Advanced Materials Brings Transformative Military-Grade Lightweighting Technology to Commercial Aerospace

(Dallas, Texas), March 26, 2019 –

Concurrent with the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg this week, Alpine Advanced Materials, LLC announces the commercial availability of HX5, a high-performance thermoplastic nanocomposite material designed specifically to replace aerospace grade aluminum components at up to half the weight.

HX5 is ideal for replacement of metal parts in airline interiors. Unlike other lightweight composite materials targeting the aerospace interiors market, HX5 maintains comparable strength and performance to 6061 aluminum and is able to be post-processed like metal. HX5 parts can be machined, coated, painted, welded, and adhesively bonded. HX5 can replace metal parts in seats, trays and galleys, where other composites fall short.

“I’ve been searching for new materials to advance our innovative concepts in the aerospace interiors market for some time,” says Adam White, founder of Factorydesign. “HX5 allows us to create cutting edge lightweight designs that are a game changer for the industry.”

There is huge weight savings potential for replacing aluminum interior components, contributing to significant improvement in airline fuel efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions. “It’s an exciting time for Alpine. We are bringing revolutionary technology to the commercial sector that will significantly address the greenhouse gas concerns encountered by the aerospace industry”, says Joe D’Cruz, Executive Chairman of Alpine. “Our target is to reduce carbon emissions of a commercial single-aisle passenger plane by over 600,000 lbs. per year.”

Alpine brings HX5 to the commercial aerospace industry through an exclusive license from Lockheed Martin Corporation, where the product was designed and exhaustively tested and proven in the manufacture of components for jet fighters, high-speed helicopters, amphibious transport vehicles, missiles, rockets, and satellites. There is no material like HX5 in the market today.

About Alpine Advanced Materials, LLC
Alpine Advanced Materials is pioneering extreme lightweighting solutions, delivering custom engineered parts and products that solve the world’s most demanding performance challenges. Alpine cutting-edge thermoplastic nanocomposites are tested to the most rigorous standards and are certified to meet or exceed the stringent performance criteria of the most demanding industries – from space and aerospace to military and defense.

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