Advancements in UAS Assembly With Alpine's Multi-Scale Reinforced Polymer

Advancements in UAS Assembly With Alpine's Multi-Scale Reinforced Polymer

ASSEMBLY Audible Podcast - September 2023

"There’s a downstream effect of sustainability when it comes to weight savings—not only does the operator see a more efficient operation because of their light-weighting, but the logistics to get [the operation] there are a lot more lightweight."

In the world of advanced manufacturing, the pursuit of lightweighting and parts consolidation remains at the forefront of innovation. One remarkable example of this progress is evident in our recent collaboration with BlueHalo. The next generation of BlueHalo's Intense Eye Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) platform that incorporates an injection molded chassis using HX5®, a multi-scale reinforced polymer from Alpine. HX5 has been tested and proven against the harshest environments on Earth and was engineered to replace machined aerospace-grade aluminum, making the Intense Eye UAS stronger and lighter with increased efficiency and payload capacity. 

At the heart of this transformation is a redesigned, injection molded chassis, a central component of BlueHalo's new UAS. The Alpine team worked shoulder-to-shoulder with BlueHalo, collaborating throughout development to optimize the frame design based on mold flow analysis to ensure optimal fiber alignment and strength in critical areas. The results are nothing short of remarkable – a chassis that is not only stronger but also significantly lighter. Its assembly is more efficient, making it a standout solution for the demanding world of aerospace technology. This innovation doesn't just promise a lighter UAS; it also enhances its range and efficiency.

Alpine's Jeremy Smith recently delved into the intricacies of this groundbreaking project on the ASSEMBLY Audible podcast. He explored Alpine's multi-scale reinforced polymer, HX5, and its remarkable injection molding capabilities. The podcast sheds light on how Alpine's collaboration with BlueHalo is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in aerospace and defense technology. To gain deeper insights into this transformative journey, tune in to the podcast episode above.

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